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The Seal of Biliteracy award encourages students to pursue linguistic proficiency and cultural literacy in one or more languages in addition to English, and will promote SDUHSD’s commitment that every student graduates prepared and equipped with the knowledge and skills to participate successfully in college, career, and a diverse 21st-century society.  
How To Qualify
To qualify for the California State Seal of Biliteracy, a student must demonstrate both English proficiency and second-language proficiency by completing the approved paths. 

1. Demonstrate English Proficiency by completing BOTH of the below steps: 
  • Passing the ELA California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress at the “standard met” level or above.

2. Demonstrate Second-Language Proficiency by completing ONE of the two pathways below:
  • Passing an Advanced Placement (AP) exam with a three or above, or passing an International Baccalaureate (IB) exam with a four or above, or passing an SAT Subject exam in a world language exam with a 600 or above; or passing a locally approved assessment that meets the rigor of an AP exam and tests all modalities of communication in the language
  • Completing a four-year high school course of study in the language with a 3.0 GPA or above AND demonstrating oral proficiency in the language. 
ELPAC requirement for the State Seal of Biliteracy:
  • Completing all English language arts (ELA) graduation requirements with a 2.0-grade point average or above. 
  • Passing the ELA California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress at the “standard met” level or above.
  • Students who are English Learners must also score a 4 on the ELPAC.
What are the Benefits of Earning the Seal of Biliteracy?
The Seal of Biliteracy honors the skills that students attain and can be evidence of skills that are attractive to future employers and college admissions offices. The Seal of Biliteracy is included as a gold seal on a student’s transcript or diploma. 


Between August and November 
      • Grades 7-12: Qualifications and Interest letter for students eligible to pursue the Seal of Biliteracy
      • Grades 7-8: Educational Services will provide presentations in Dual Language Immersion and World Language classes on how to qualify
December to March
      • SDUHSD will evaluate pre-qualifiers who qualified for the Seal of Biliteracy
      • March 1 - District communication will be sent to students who are pending qualifiers
March to May
      • SDUHSD will communicate to Grades 7-11 to remind students working toward the Seal of Biliteracy to take the SBAC assessment
      • SDUHSD will send a preliminary list to registrars in late-May
June (After Graduation)
      • Evaluation of transcripts and certification of Seal of Biliteracy will be added to qualifier transcripts


If you have additional questions regarding the Seal of Biliteracy, please submit them here